mini-MSI Seminars

Mini-Microsystems Seminar Series

The objective of this seminar series, organized by graduate students in the MicroSystems Initiative, is to encourage interactions and collaborations among microsystems researchers.   Graduate students and postdocs will give short talks (15-20 min.) focusing on fabrication and characterization (rather than results).   The combined range of micromachining expertise in the audience (including faculty members) will allow constructive suggestions on approaches and methods, and the audience will gain valuable know-how.

Seminars consist of two presentations followed by discussion.  Talks are informal and cover all aspects of microsystems:  sensors, actuators, microfluidics, integrated systems, etc.

The seminar series is sponsored by the Institute for Systems Research (ISR).  Seminars for Fall 2015 are held every month, typically on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in the ISR conference room, 1146 A.V. Williams.  Complimentary cookies and beverages are provided.

For more information or to volunteer to give a talk, please contact Hyun Jung (

Years...     2015

Speakers...     Charalambides  |  Jung  |  Penskiy  |  Restaino  |  Sritharan  |  Vogtmann  |  Wiederoder  |  Zang  

Events are listed in reverse chronological order.


Fall 2015

Dec 10
Magnetically-Actuated Ultra Compliant MEMS Mechanisms
Dana Vogtmann
Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering (Bergbreiter)

An in situ operando MEMS platform for characterization of Li-ion battery electrodes
Hyun Jung
Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering (Ghodssi)

Nov 12
Towards High Force MEMS Actuators for Millirobotics Applications
Ivan Penskiy
Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering (Bergbreiter)

Microfluidic Optical Sensor Enhancement using Refractive Index Matching Fluids
Michael Wiederoder
Ph.D. Candidate, BioEngineering (DeVoe)

Oct 15
Inkjet-fabricated SERS sensors on paper for biosensing
Stephen M Restaino
Ph.D. Candidate, Bioengineering (White)

Microfabricated Elastomer Tactile Sensors for Robotic Fingertip Systems
Alexi Charalambides
Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering (Bergbreiter)

Sept 24
Capillary microfluidics for controlled and accelerated biosensing probe assembly on-chip
Faheng Zang
Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (Ghodssi)

Electroosmotic Soft Actuators
Deepa Sritharan
Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering (Smela)


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