What is the MicroSystems Initiative?


Miniaturization provides new opportunities to address societal challenges.

Working toward solutions for healthcare, energy, next generation materials, smart systems...


The MicroSystems Initiative is the collective representation of the expertise at the University of Maryland in MEMS and micro-scale systems.  We are a diverse group of researchers in various disciplines who are established leaders in critical fields that include materials and microfabrication, sensing and actuation, and miniature systems such as micro-robotics.  This is evidenced in our publications and in the dissertations of our graduate students.  The Initiative stimulates new collaborations and sponsors events such as the Microsystems Seminar Series, which brings both well-established gurus and up-and-coming pioneers to UMD.  The MSI faculty teach courses in these topics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Spring 2015 will see the launch of a graduate student seminar series that will offer the opportunity to to share ideas and build a more cohesive community.

This page was last modified on February 24, 2015